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Say goodbye to cloudy beer with the all new, revolutionary BRODIE home brew sediment extractor!

You can now make home brew beer as clear as the breweries and drink straight from the stubby every time.

Family and friends will never say no to a sample of your home brew again, when you hand them a crystal clear bottle of your own special brew.

The BRODIE sediment catcher is a two part unit, the first part catches the sediment, and the second part becomes your new top, replacing the need for crown seals or recapping. The BRODIE enables sediment to be captured during the brewing process, whilst the bottle remains pressurized.

The innovative, universal design of the BRODIE means it is reusable and fits standard glass screw top stubbies or bottles.

You can now have the particular flavor that you desire, a clean beer and the satisfaction of making your own home brew for a minimal cost, which is as good, if not better than any shop bought beer.

Transporting your bottles is a breeze with the BRODIE. Now you can take your home brew with you wherever you go. Just put them in an esky and transport your bottled home brew from place to place. No more having to worry about keeping your bottles in an upright position while you head off to another BBQ, party or home brew night and you will still have a clean sediment free beer to drink.


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